Remembering the Italian Fallen Workers of Canada.
Sadly, the largest memorial in all of its kind.
                                  OUR PROJECTS

                                                         THE ITALIAN FALLEN WORKERS MEMORIAL WALL

Our pride and joy, our beloved Memorial Wall was completed and formally unveiled in the Memorial Grounds of Villa Charities on April 28th, 2016.  At the time of its
unveiling, there were almost 1000 names engraved on the beautiful columns, which stand on a beautiful marble base.  A  year later, a further 600 names were
added to the Memorial Wall.  Sadly, there are many hundreds more Italian immigrant workers who were killed on the soil of our beautiful new land, many right here
in Ontario, but many in the other provinces as well.  We will be completing the final engravings in the near future and all further names will be added to our
Memorial Database on this website.

                                                                                       MEMORIAL BOOK

It became clear during the research stages of the Italian Fallen Workers Memorial Wall, that much of our immigrant history remained hidden.   The fact that deaths
in our community occurred in overwhelming numbers, seemed to be completely hidden from Canadian History. We felt we had no choice but to document this part
of our history.   
Land of Triumph and Tragedy:  Voices of the Italian Fallen Workers was the culmination of years of writing and research, compiled in a large
manuscript, which we think will become the new backbone of the study of Italian immigrant history here in Canada.

                                                                  MEMORIAL DATABASE: THE LIST

We have been created a searchable electronic database which allows the public to look up names included on the Memorial Wall and on the database.

                                                                           THE MEMORIAL DOCUMENTARY

Since our mini-videos were so well received, we will be developing a documentary profiling the Italian Fallen Workers, and their tragedies.  The story of this
uncovered part of our own immigration history needs to be known, and needs to be incorporated into the history of our great nation of Canada.  

                                                                   THE FALLEN WORKERS RESEARCH DESK

Our final project includes the setting up of a non-profit research desk dedicated to the study of our history in this country and dedicated to the uncovering and
verification of all of our fallen workers.  


(Casale Monferrato

May 2019
Italian Fallen Workers Memorial